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AddCameraLock v0.2

This is a small script for quickly locking/unlocking your 3ds Max camera.

Install and run the macroscript (‘addCameraLock’ in category ‘MB Tools’) t [Read More…]

ComputeConvexHull v1.0

This is a standalone script for computing a convex hull mesh from a scene element.

Run the script normally, e.g. by drag-and-drop into a 3ds Max [Read More…]



1.E-light,Dome Settings

2.E-light,Light Settings

3.E-light,Bitmap Settings

4.Create Environment Light

5.Hide/Unhide Environ [Read More…]

Solve 3ds max render times script


1.Solve 3ds max render times script,In 3dsmax scene, Modify “refraction useInterpolation” and “reflection_useInterpolation” paramet [Read More…]

3DS MAX Simple exercise in 2012

Making software: 3DSMAX+VRAY

Rendering works 4 years ago.

Made an afternoon of time, did not go through the post processing.

Hope to get guid [Read More…]

School TV studio

Making software: 3DSMAX+VRAY+PS

Production time of one day.

Modified several times.

Hope to get guidance and communication.

Like share!

& [Read More…]

3DSMAX Installation Failed-Necessary


3DSMAX Installation Failed-Necessary

In the process of installing 3dsmax computer, there will be a variety of problems:

1.Error [Read More…]

Fast Positioning Tool


1.Fast Positioning Tool,In 3dsmax scene, Quick access model location.

2.A total of three functions, we can test their action scri [Read More…]

Batch Convert MAX Files v1.0

Author:3dmax script


Translation: Scriptsays


1.In the scene [Read More…]

Track Builder


1.Track Builder,In 3dmax scene, Follow the path generate animation track.

2.You can adjust their track speed multiplication facto [Read More…]