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AddCameraLock v0.2

This is a small script for quickly locking/unlocking your 3ds Max camera.

Install and run the macroscript (‘addCameraLock’ in category ‘MB Tools’) t [Read More…]

ComputeConvexHull v1.0

This is a standalone script for computing a convex hull mesh from a scene element.

Run the script normally, e.g. by drag-and-drop into a 3ds Max [Read More…]

Object surface movement


1.Object surface movement,I used a small script in 3dmax, Make simple object motion animation。

2.Easy to understand script, pick [Read More…]

Quick Change Viewports

Author:3dmax script


Translation: Scriptsays


1.In the scene 3dmax,Quick Change Viewports.

2.With isolated display, relatively easy to modify the model alone.

[Read More…]

Speed Circular Array

[Read More…]

Super detach


1.Super detach,The model plane separation and separation of elements.

2.Model selection must collapse.

3.Separated according [Read More…]

Isolated display


1.Isolated display,Comes with 3dmax ‘Select isolated’ ‘are different。

2.Select the isolated object, modify the model alone, then [Read More…]

Bulk Edit lighting and material script


1. Bulk edit Vray scene lighting and materials Subdivs

2. Use high-quality rendering renderings

3. You must use vray lights [Read More…]