AddCameraLock v0.2

AddCameraLock v0.2

This is a small script for quickly locking/unlocking your 3ds Max camera.

Install and run the macroscript (‘addCameraLock’ in category ‘MB Tools’) to attach a new rollout (implemented by a Custom Attribute) to the selected camera(s).

Position, rotation and scale of the cameras and their targets will be locked. This is useful if you want to prevent any accidental changes to the cameras. Unlike other scripted solutions, this will work without any additional script files, once you have applied it to a camera. So you can safely send the file to your render farm or other 3ds Max users without having to worry about missing script files.

Note: Locking a camera will not affect any existing animation.


ComputeConvexHull v1.0


This is a standalone script for computing a convex hull mesh from a scene element.

Run the script normally, e.g. by drag-and-drop into a 3ds Max session.

This will open a little UI to control the creation of the convex hull mesh. Pick a scene object, adjust parameters as needed and click the calculate button to start the process. Afterwards, your convex hull mesh will be selected.

Note: This could be slow for high-resolution geometry.

Solve 3ds max render times script

Solve 3dsmax render times


1.Solve 3ds max render times script,In 3dsmax scene, Modify “refraction useInterpolation” and “reflection_useInterpolation” parameters.

2.n the scene is relatively large, Vray material is used in a lot of scenes, it is convenient and fast.

3.Before using a backup file, try several times, you’ll like it.

Reasons for rendering Irradiance map:


Default Vray material parameters:

Default parameter


3DSMAX Installation Failed-Necessary



3DSMAX Installation Failed-Necessary

  • In the process of installing 3dsmax computer, there will be a variety of problems:

1.Error of registry information in computer.

2.The last installation of the 3dsmax did not uninstall clean.

3.Computer waste too much, hard disk capacity is not enough or memory error…

  • Below for everyone to introduce the two I installed 3dsmax two commonly used software:

1.pckeeper(Recommend,Installation needs time)

2.Blog editor out of the problem, and then give you a recommendation tomorrow, please forgive me.