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SpeedRoad-cracked version


Speed road can quickly create a system based on road centerline (centerline generation). Generating elements are road, lane, double yellow line, zebra crossings, arrows, road teeth, sidewalks, street lighting, background and so on. To identify any cross intersections and T-shaped road. Resulting road can be selected in line with the left or right row rows traffic rules, lights, background free to pick any object in the scene.
Speed road can be generated on both sides of the road elements according to known line of a road, the various parameters can be controlled. That two-generation.



  1. HI!
    PLS version E

    1. In progress,Often come.

      1. Thanks 管理 😀

  2. Translation finished, I will be publishing, often concerned.

    1. waiting the translated version , thank you very much

      1. Rest assured, I will soon get, the more attention to my blog.

  3. Looks so interesting tool, hope to see the English version very soon, Thank you Sir!

    1. Ah, I’m going in, pay more attention to my blog!

  4. we still waiting , but not for long i guess.
    anyway rhank you for your effort

    1. Sorry, the recent busy work, with little time to translate plugin, thank you for your support, if the translation finished, I will send you e-mail

  5. I’m sorry, the recent work has been no time to translate the near future I will be publishing, thank you for your attention, you can go to the right side of the page look more scripts.

  6. Is the Translated one done yet please.

    Or do you need help doing it, just ask for assitance from someone, I’m sure someone will help you.

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