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The camera cut model script, interested to try. Camera Slice Version: 1.0 Last update: 02.04.2016 Author: Vladislav Bodyul Website: E-Mail: Installation: Put the “CameraSlice.mse” in “3ds max 2016/stdplugs” System Requirements: 3ds Max 2016 and higer  

Create doors windows

Creating windows

Author:_ACE_ Site: Translation: Scriptsays Instructions: 1.Create doors windows.3dmax script modeing. 2.And similar plug-ordinary windows. 3. one more window cover custom function icon dashed line represents the number of rows, number of columns. 4.Before using a backup file, try several times, you’ll like it.

Axial custom scale

Axial custom scale

Instructions: 1.Objects custom scale axis, so you can zoom precise object you want to zoom to size. 2.There is a reference can be scaled to any size, to less than the size of FFD pull away. 3. You can zoom a window to do the reference, or can be used to zoom underlay like. 4.Before […]

Rotation parallel

Rotation parallel

Instructions: 1.Modeling Rotation parallel. 2.” Turn horizontal “The level of recovery is not level model, select a model edge, remember to open “snaps Toggle”! 3. ” Parallel selection “Select the object model to capture with his parallel sides,remember to open “snaps Toggle”! 4.remember to open “snaps Toggle”!The important thing to say three times! 5.Before using a […]

Generate pitched roof

Generate pitched roof
Instructions: 1.Generate pitched roof,Very easy to use modeling script. 2.The best system units to centimeters or millimeters, when the roof is generated using too large units more error-prone, and this self-test. 3. Spline to be closed, you can batch operation. 4.Before using a backup file, try several times, you'll like it.  

Region Render PRO

Author:3dmax script Site: Translation: Scriptsays Instructions: 1.After running the script, you need to press “Set Safe Frames”, then press a “Region (on/off)”. 2.When you select other the viewport, it is desirable to press “Set Safe Frames”. 3. After the command “Maximize Viewport Toggle” or pressing the (Alt + W) must necessarily to press “Set Safe Frames” […]

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