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AddCameraLock v0.2


This is a small script for quickly locking/unlocking your 3ds Max camera. Install and run the macroscript (‘addCameraLock’ in category ‘MB Tools’) to attach a new rollout (implemented by a Custom Attribute) to the selected camera(s). Position, rotation and scale of the cameras and their targets will be locked. This is useful if you want […]

ComputeConvexHull v1.0


This is a standalone script for computing a convex hull mesh from a scene element. Run the script normally, e.g. by drag-and-drop into a 3ds Max session. This will open a little UI to control the creation of the convex hull mesh. Pick a scene object, adjust parameters as needed and click the calculate button […]

Object surface movement

Object surface movement

Instructions: 1.Object surface movement,I used a small script in 3dmax, Make simple object motion animation。 2.Easy to understand script, pick up ground, path and pick up objects from the ground to adjust   the height of the object, click Generate animation. 3.Before using a backup file, try several times, you’ll like it.  

Isolated display

Instructions: 1.Isolated display,Comes with 3dmax ‘Select isolated’ ‘are different。 2.Select the isolated object, modify the model alone, then click once to select isolatedbutton. It can be repeatedly isolated objects. 3.When repeatedly isolated model, click on the “forward” or “backward” and would not showall objects in the scene. 4.Try several times, very convenient.    

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